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A Public Benefit Corporation??

I recently learned about a new type of corporation, or at least for me it is new.  It is known as a “for-profit benefit corporation”, AKA a “public benefit corporation”.  It seems that the Tennessee State Legislature is...

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Being the Best at What You Do

I recently had a wonderful vacation in the Colorado Rockies. The weather was perfect. My wife and I did not over schedule and over commit ourselves. Instead we enjoyed some very welcome down time, hiking and exploring in some...

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When It All Comes Home

Last month I attended the funeral of a member of my wife’s extended family.  I did not know this man well, but I always enjoyed the few times that I was around him and his family.  He was the quintessential quiet, everyday hero...

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Is it all about the money?

In my last blog post I cited some survey data that implies that, in many cases, an Association Management Company can offer many associations better value and lower cost than hiring dedicated staff.  But, I ended that post by...

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