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Can an AMC help you to save money?

There are three common ways that associations are managed.  Some are managed by volunteers.  This is most common in small, start-up associations and usually gives way to non-volunteer management as the association grows.  Many...

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Well, in 2014 they are serving nine organizations with thirteen meetings in six countries on three continents! Wow! No wonder I can’t keep up with them. PMG is still a small company, but with an outsized impact. We have 17 staff...

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Can you do it all?

Well, it has been way too long since I have posted a new blog, and I have been scolded for being so lax by some of our staff. I have an idea and will actually write a new blog post to be seen here very soon. But, in the meantime...

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Founderitis: How an AMC Can Help

I went to a non-profit seminar sponsored by a local law firm recently and discovered there is a name for a malady that I have seen first-hand, but did not realize that others have diagnosed it with so much more precision than I....

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PMG’s Mission and Purpose

It is taken for granted in today’s business writings that all organizations should have a strategic plan with a core mission and purpose clearly defined. Like many companies have done, we took our staff aside for an...

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