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What’s Important to Gen-Z in the Workplace?

by Kate Yaughn

Generation Z is unlike any generation that’s come before us. We’ve grown up in an era of technology and social media like no other, and we are fueled by a sense of purpose and belonging. These desires to be a part of something larger than ourselves pour into all areas of life, including the workplace.

In years past, many employees would seek the highest-earning position or the one with the most benefits. Gen-Z, however, looks for more than just money. As a whole, the generation is more likely to work for a company that speaks up for their favorite social justice issues, and about half of Gen-Z said that if a company’s views didn’t align with their own, they wouldn’t accept a position there.

In addition to seeking a workplace with similar views and opinions to their own, members of Generation Z are much more attentive to how employers handle matters of mental health. Gen-Z is very open to conversations about mental health and rising depression, stress, and anxiety rates. 

Above all, though, Generation Z is driven by more than just benefits or pay. They’re motivated by passion and purpose. Gen-Z doesn’t like to simply do things the way they’ve always been. Instead, they are a generation of innovators, always looking for the most efficient, impactful way to reach a goal. Many members of Gen-Z also said they would not stay at a job that interfered with their personal lives, meaning that employers must be sensitive to burnout and overworking their employees.

So, what’s most important to Gen-Z in the workplace?


  • Alignment of opinions on social justice issues
  • Sensitivity to mental health
  • A sense of purpose and belonging
  • Separation of work and personal lives
  • Freedom to innovate

Overall, Gen-Z is a generation very different from those that came before them. They have different, newer priorities and values, and they’re looking for more than money in a workplace.

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