Parthenon Management Group

We are Solutionaries. We offer strategic guidance that goes far beyond keeping an association’s doors open.

Solutionaries bring creative solutions with a vision for the future. They set organizations apart both to their members and their field. The pandemic has shown us that the ability to be agile out-of-the-box-thinkers and implementers is the key to growth. Our team is continuously scanning the environments of our clients so that we can offer expertise to guide the organizations through day-to-day needs and difficulties. 

First, we partner with association leadership to refine the strategic plan. Then, we relieve the volunteer member leadership of administrative burdens so they can devote their time to focusing on strategic thinking.  We then facilitate the work of the society’s committees, who will perform most of the work necessary to achieve those goals. 

We are proud that we have a demonstrated record of integrity.  We have procedures in place that ensure complete transparency and accountability of our work.

PMG personnel earned their reputation for high-quality service based on their successful management of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ACNP).  The ACNP is not only highly regarded as the leading scientific society in neuropsychopharmacology, but is also known for its efficient and professional management and for the extraordinarily smooth operation of its annual meeting. It has become a model for other scientific organizations.

Our goal in managing a scientific or medical-related society is to do our job with the same level of excellence that our members do their work.

our mission

Our mission is to help our clients to achieve theirs.

our core values

People Come First:

Regarding PMG Clients:
We will only serve clients when we can commit ourselves to the mission of that client; just as the members are committed to it. We will promote our clients’ success first, as our success will follow.

Regarding PMG Staff:
We develop people. PMG hires and promotes based on those who exhibit three important traits found in PMG’s DNA: Fearlessness, Tirelessness & Selflessness.

Our company culture is fun, flexible, and family-friendly and puts our employee’s mental and physical health first.

Transparent and Accountable Teamwork: We realize that we cannot achieve the high goals we have set without effective teamwork. Transparency breeds trust and is the foundation of great teamwork. We will hold ourselves accountable through collaborative and open conversations with our staff and our clients.

Integrity: We will be truthful, honest, and fair in our dealings with members, colleagues, ourselves, and vendors.