We love what we do and who we work with at Parthenon Management Group!

Our culture is driven by authentic care for every person who contributes to our mission. Our culture can be felt at every layer of the PMG, and the bond of the PMG community is a testament to our commitment to creating a strong foundation of personal and professional success.

From Culture Index-based hiring to mentorship programs, flexible work arrangements, and team-building opportunities, Parthenon fosters an environment of open communication, transparency, and accountability.

Leadership focuses on strengths and supports individual growth, encouraging innovation and honesty. And feedback from every person at PMG is valued and considered as the company continues to grow.

A graphic explaining PMG's company culture balance

Parthenon Management Group’s Culture is Award-Winning!

Parthenon Management Group received the 2023 AMC Culture Award for outstanding talent experience, community engagement, and internal cohesion. Parthenon’s culture places people first, aligning with client missions and promoting their success.

“We are thrilled to receive this award, a testament to our team’s dedication to both our clients and staff,”
–President and CEO Sarah Timm.