NetworkGeneral Operations and Technology Services

Managing a successful association requires individuals with an array of expertise in human resource management, meeting management, project management, membership recruitment and retention, tax-exempt accounting and financial management, and the development of non-dues revenue and fundraising.

Hiring an association management company, like PMG, will give your association a staff of experts in each of these areas.  It is crucial in today’s technology-driven world for professional societies to meet the 24/7 demands of members for information and almost immediate responsiveness.  PMG has the infrastructure necessary to meet those staffing needs and technological demands.

Governance Support

PMG understands that your organization’s Officers and Directors must focus their attention on the mission and purpose of the organization, spending their time to plan for the organization’s future and its growth.  In order to make optimal use of the officers time and resources, PMG will provide support that will free officers and directors of administrative burdens and enable them to implement initiatives that will determine the success of the organization.  This level of support will allow the leadership of your association to think and act strategically as plans for the future develop.

Membership Management & Communication

It is important for any professional society to maintain a database of its members that facilitates communication and provides efficient and user friendly administrative functions.  PMG uses Joyn membership management system, a state of the art association management membership database.

Professional Meeting Management

The meetings of any association are undoubtedly one of the most important activities of the organization.  Members expect a well-organized and trouble-free meeting experience.  By having the same organization manage the day to day activities of the society and the meetings, members and attendees will have one place to turn to for answers and will develop a rapport with the staff. Also, PMG staff will know that they will continue to be accountable to your organization’s members and meeting attendees even after the meeting is over, so performing well at the meeting becomes an even higher priority for them.

The success of the organization depends greatly on the success of the meeting.  It is crucial that competent professionals from the meetings industry are assigned to manage all aspects of the logistical preparations.  PMG has the personnel needed to not only have a logistically successful meeting, but also a financially successful meeting which is crucial to the continued growth of the organization.

PapersFinancial Management and Accounting

The ultimate success of any organization depends greatly on its financial viability.  It is especially important in non-profit, professional society that officers, directors, and the members-at-large are assured that financial management procedures are in place that protect the integrity and continued success of the organization.  PMG personnel have extensive experience in doing just that. 

For more than 20 years Ronnie Wilkins has held positions in which he was directly responsible for financial performance.  In managing other organizations, he has been able to keep both payroll expenses and overall expenses level over more than five years, while increasing the services provided and experiencing a significant increase in the number of attendees at the annual meeting.  Sarah Timm has played a key role in that financial success by more effectively and expertly negotiating high cost items such as website and other technology enhancements as well as annual meetings.