If you Google “What is Association Management?” you see it described as “a field of management which focuses on the management of associations” but it is much more than that. There are many parts to Association Management, from Meetings Managers to Grant Managers to those in charge of Member Services for an Association. There is use for a multitude of skills and professional backgrounds because being in Association Management does not mean doing a certain type of work. It is this flexibility that makes it such a great career option.

How can I get into Association Management?

If you are in college you should consider Majoring or taking classes in the following areas, business management, healthcare management, marketing, English, sociology, psychology, non-profit management, or even tourism. If you have already graduated or are not currently enrolled in college, we would recommend brushing up on Marketing Skills by taking online courses or getting appropriate certifications such as becoming a Certified Project Manager. You should also do research and figure out which career path in Association Management would be best for you. Starting with the PMG informational videos on YouTube is a great place to start.