Association Management is not a particularly diverse industry. One could argue that it is because Association Management is somewhat unknown, with very few children claiming they want to be Project Managers when they grow up. Because of said obscurity, most people in the field were introduced to it by a friend or colleague. The problem with this is that our friends have often had a similar path in life as we have, and they tend to also look like us. This is a vicious cycle that in many industries excludes minorities with no professional connections. We want to break this cycle.

Estelle Bah, Parthenon Management Group

Blog By Estelle Bah
PMG Intern

Association Management is for everyone, regardless of race and background. We serve associations who are global, multicultural, and diverse, and we want to reflect that inside our walls. Our goal is to make sure information about Association Management is readily available, so anyone who wishes to pursue it as a career has the opportunity to.

Association Management requires creativity and the use of a plethora of skills. There is also a lot of mobility and flexibility, and it will allow you to challenge yourself and do your best work.

But what is Association Management?
Association management includes project management, meetings management, member services, strategic planning, governance, grant management, and more. There is use for any number of skills and professional backgrounds.

What should I study if I want to work in Association Management?
The answer is just about anything but more specifically anything to do with business management, healthcare management, marketing, English, sociology, psychology, non-profit management, or even tourism. Watch this video from our very own PMG employees to learn more!