A review of the governance structure of all organizations every 5-7 years ensures that actual practice matches the organization and its governance documents. Schedule a governance review today! Just some of the benefits of a governance review are:

    • improved inclusion and diversity within the governance structure
    • more transparency and accountability in the way decision-making and responsibilities are distributed and information flows across the organization
    • more efficient and effective decision-making through clearly delegated lines of authority
    • check that the existing governance structure supports the delivery of the strategy and provides a balance of agility, expertise and engagement through a series of focused, time-limited groups, allowing the Board to focus on core strategic areas
    • check that the legitimacy of governing documents of the organization (the bylaws/statutes) reflect best practices

PMG will also include a communication plan for the structure, so there are clear lines of communication between the leadership and its committees. We believe conducting a governance overview is best accomplished by establishing a task force of members who have experience in leadership roles in other societies. With PMG’s experience, these members can recognize what has worked and what has not for other organizations. This group/task force will review the report recommendations from PMG, ask questions and make recommendations for amendments to the board/governing body of the organization.

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