Our Green Mission

Our PMG Green Team commits to sustainability as core to achieving a long-term ambition to have our professional, in-person meetings at 100% carbon neutral or carbon negative by 2024. We are aiming for a cleaner, safer, more inclusive world. We will achieve this through initiatives where PMG

can deliver the most value through recycling, reusing, and reducing wherever possible. Our team does this by greening the workplace processes, bringing new habits to the home and our meetings, getting our hands dirty at volunteer events, testing new skills, and building a greener community.

Parthenon Management Group recognizes the importance in incorporating sustainability into our business model and our partnerships. Within our office space, we are encouraging personal responsibility and accountability for green choices through:

  • A Work from Home Policy
  • A solid recycling program (paper, plastic, glass, cardboard)
  • Minimal printing and other paper use
  • Elimination of single use kitchen items
  • Reduction devices for the use of water and electricity

PMG is also committed to the next steps in sustainability, including a composting program and partnering with local and municipal governments to explore new solutions.

100% Carbon neutral meetings

Working with our meeting partners (hotels, transportation organizations, and suppliers), we continually communicate and prioritize our commitment to sustainability initiatives.

Our aim is to have 100% carbon neutral meetings.

In addition to offsetting the meeting’s carbon footprint through our in-house carbon management department, we promote and encourage the use of locally-sourced ingredients in conference meals, donation of leftover food, composting, reusable plates, cups, cutlery, and other crockery, reduced paper use, LEED certification, and recycling of name badges, paper, bottles, boxes, and plastics.

in advance of our meetings:

  • Offer paperless options such as a conference app, digital program book, QR codes, e-tickets, online evaluation forms, and other solutions
  • Upcycle and recycle meeting materials such as badges, lanyards, signage and other supplies
  • Partner with a knowledgeable resource to offer a carbon offset program to meeting attendees

on site:

  • Promote zero waste dining and utensil options
  • Provide recycling facilities in meeting and dining rooms
  • Work with catering services to reduce unnecessary packaging
  • Use organic and locally sourced ingredients
  • Where possible, work with local food security agencies
  • Minimize food waste, unnecessary packaging and single use water bottles
  • Monitor energy conservation
  • Promote sustainable transportation options