July 1, 2023</p>
<p>Dear Colleagues, Partners, and Friends,<br />
Parthenon Management Group stands firm in our belief that every individual, regardless of their ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, or any other characteristic, deserves equal rights, opportunities, and respect. At PMG, we believe in fostering an environment where every person's voice is not only heard but valued, and where diversity is celebrated as one of our greatest strengths.<br />
It deeply saddens me that discriminatory laws have been enacted in recent times, attempting to undermine the progress we have collectively made toward equality. These actions go against the very principles upon which PMG and the organizations we manage were built. Please know that I stand firm as an ally. I consult regularly with our diverse staff members, requesting they inform our team about how these laws impact them personally.<br />
Many of the organizations we support are struggling with decisions about holding meetings in states with discriminatory laws. These decisions are particularly challenging when contracts for the meetings were signed long before these laws were developed.  PMG’s role is to provide the organization’s board with the information that they need to make a decision and offer ideas for social offsetting when cancellation is not feasible or not chosen.<br />
I know that every member of the Parthenon family joins me in upholding our values and working to create an environment where open dialogue and mutual respect thrive. Let us stand together, united in our pursuit of equality and justice, ensuring that every person in our community feels heard, seen, and embraced.<br />
Sincerely,<br />
Sarah Timm<br />
President and CEO<br />