Since 2014, Parthenon Management Group (PMG) has been providing strategic planning guidance to scientific organizations who have federal grant/cooperative agreements with the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). PMG staff is experienced in all financial, compliance, communications, and reporting aspects of grant management. Our grant management team has served as a catalyst with engaging constituents related to the grants that we manage and serving as a liaison with the organizations and government officials. The projects that we work on support meaningful public health issues such as women who have had exposures during pregnancy and breastfeeding as well as the opioid crisis in rural communities. Outlined below are some of the types of support that we offer our grant management clients:

  • Identify collaborations with local and national partners to engage with to advance the mission of the grant.
  • Technical assistance and supplement coordination with both federal-level and community-level grantees.
  • Guidance on federal regulations, grant reviews, government agencies, and requirements specific to national programs.
  • Coordination of fulfilling performance measurables tied back to the goals of the federal grant.
  • Assist in establishing procedures for documenting progress and results tied back to the goals of the grant and ensure implementation of stated objectives.
  • Develop standards and deadlines for all grant reporting.
  • Set records of funding requirements, data points, and reporting fulfillments.
  • Manage a system for tracking, managing, and reporting on measurables for the goals of the grant.
  • Prepare comparative reports of yearly accomplishments and data.
  • Support efforts with stakeholder relationships and serve alongside a designated government agency liaison responder when needs arise or information is requested.
  • Assist with development of a sustainability plan for post-award continuation.

PMG has successfully implemented the goals, objectives, and requirements for our grant management clients. Through this work, we have developed expertise in operating programs of significant magnitude, encompassing all facets of budgeting needs, funding restrictions, evaluation plans, data collection, reporting, as well as prioritizing strategies and tactics to demonstrate impact and effectiveness. This has allowed our grant clients to receive extensions on their grant as well as successful continuations of their awards after applying again in an open process.

Here at PMG, we know that leadership of any organization must focus their attention on the mission and purpose and spend time planning its advancement. To make optimal use of our clients grant leaders’ time and resources, PMG provides support that will free leaders of administrative burdens and enable them to implement initiatives that will determine the success of the organization as well as the grant. This level of support allows the leadership to think and act strategically in developing plans for the future. Understanding the nuances and specific requirements of reporting, tracking, documenting, and fulfilling performance measurables tied back to the goals of the grant is an enormous undertaking. PMG organizes the necessary short and long-term action items, formulates small details and a big picture plans, determines an appropriate timetable for activities, and oversees the budget.

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