It has been a pleasure to work with you and your colleagues. If only I could get you to manage my hospital!”   – Anonymous

From the point of view of co-chair on the committee, one cannot say enough about the consistency and intelligence of the organization as well as management of all the discussions, teleconferences, etc.. They are firm but flexible when meeting deadlines to get the job done. Parthenon has provided the most collaborative and content oriented meeting planning that I have experienced. In other words, instead of focusing simply on operational issues, they have worked to understand the true goals and purpose of the meeting and become true partners, not just “for hire set-up-the-venue” planners.”   – Anonymous

The following is taken from a recent evaluation form:

19. In what areas do you think PMG excels?

The ability to keep the organization on track and to help run executive meetings in an organized manner; the contribution to the semi-annual meeting is outstanding with regard to registration, financing, and organization.”   –Anonymous

Personal attention, speed of responding to questions, problems solving. The staff seems to know who everyone is, from the most senior members to first time attendees. This is nothing short of amazing.” Anonymous

Everything! I have been engaged in the leadership of many different organizations and the current leadership and staff exhibit higher standards and success at meeting those standards than any other organization I have encountered… hands down.” Anonymous

The staff is incredibly prepared and provides excellent support. As a committee chair I worked closely with Sarah Timm this past year and was consistently impressed with her professionalism, dedication and hard work. She also is a problem-solver, when something arises she will find the answers if a situation is unclear and work efficiently with the committee.” Anonymous


All areas. I don’t know of a better managed, more efficient, more effective, or more enthusiastic staff among the professional organizations I interact with.” Anonymous

Sarah and Heather have done a terrific job of helping us to organize ______ so that it functions more smoothly and professionally. I don’t think we even realized how much support we had been missing! Both Heather and Sarah have both been unfailingly helpful, responsive and positive, despite our high first-year maintenance and limited budget. They also did a great job negotiating an affordable package for us at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in D.C.!” Anonymous

Professionalism  – PMG staff are always professional even when dealing with difficult issues. They remain steady and calm while getting points made and activities completed.” Anonymous

20. What areas do you think PMG needs to improve?

I cannot think of one.”   –Anonymous

In case I don’t get a chance to say goodbye in person, I wanted to reiterate how wonderful it was to have an opportunity to work with you and how fortunate the ACNP is to have you at its helm. You guys rock!”   –Outgoing president

An email in response to one from us telling the board of directors of a group we manage that we were celebrating 4 years with them as their management team: “Wonderful! Congratulations! I enjoy working with all of you! Hope we have some more years ahead of us together! ”   –Anonymous

Thanks to you and the team, Ronnie! I enjoyed the high degree of professionalism delivered in a warm, collegial atmosphere.”   –Anonymous

Your team has been a pleasure both personally and professionally. You all have contributed enormously to the Society’s growth and success, so we can all share the pride in what has been achieved. Congratulations on your accreditation by the AMC Institute. This just confirms what we have experienced first hand.”   –President of Managed Society