With the new year comes new opportunities to expand our horizons and better ourselves as individuals. Often, people will pick a word for the year to encompass their goals or vision for the year. At PMG, we like to focus on three words — aka our DNA.

Fearless: Having courage to ask a question, learn a new skill, or challenge the status quo. A resourceful self-starter. Looks for new opportunities and are willing to push themselves into unfamiliar circumstances to learn.

Tireless:  Being tenacious, having endlessly innovative, creative, and adaptive, with a passion for their career and an opportunity to learn something new. Determined and energetic in their approach to help the organization succeed.

Selfless: Be authentically you.  Put the importance and success of the organization or meeting ahead of personal advancement or ideals while being fully transparent, loyal, courteous, and fair to all people they encounter.

At PMG, all of our employees strive to embody this DNA each year!