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2020 – The Year of COVID-19

Sure, we can look back on 2020 as a “dumpster fire” and think of the pandemic, the sweeping wild fires or the politically charged climate of the world, or if you take a closer look, I think you’ll see humanity was reborn in those in those ashes. The world was shaken and little moments like smiles from strangers, a wave from a neighbor or a call from a coworker are the moments that have pushed us through.

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Starting a New Job During a Pandemic

As if moving across the country for a new job wasn’t enough, embarking on the year 2020 was going to be bringing more changes than I was expecting, for sure. Although I had the benefit of a few “analog” weeks of training and inter-working before the pandemic lockdown began, I still have spent a lot of time learning a new job from a distance.

Here are some tips that have helped me with the remote learning process.

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The Opportunities Created by COVID-19

Rewind to late February 2020, I was aware of COVID-19 and its rapid march through Italy and other continents.  I knew early on this would greatly impact many of the professional organizations we manage, though I had grossly underestimated the impact on the PMG business model, our members, and their work.  I have participated in many calls as companies have lamented on the impact, how much things have changed and all the negativity that has come with this pandemic.  Of course, the list of negatives from the pandemic is long. I have chosen to focus on the positivity created by the crisis both professionally and personally.

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A Quick Pivot Leads to Learning and Success

As a non-profit executive for more than twenty years, I joined the Parthenon Management Group (PMG) team having coordinated almost every type of event. I have planned and executed festivals, galas, golf tournaments, walkathons, dinners, fashion shows, auctions, product sales, fireside chats, recruitment weekends, and reunions. So when the COVID-19 global health crisis caused travel bans and a State of Emergency that threatened the future of my association’s revenue producing scientific conference, I enthusiastically said, “A virtual conference will be exciting, and I am ready to tackle a new professional challenge.”

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Sometimes It Takes a Pandemic

The Covid-19 Pandemic has taken us all by tumultuous surprise. The sudden tearing apart of the human infrastructure is not lost on any of us. Suddenly, we crave what we had at one time taken for granted. The truth is, we can’t recreate the same environment and if we try, we will fail and feel terribly unfulfilled. So, what if we didn’t try to recreate but rather take this opportunity to engage in a more meaningful way than we had before? If we do, we may find we’ve developed some things that we won’t be willing to part with when our lives get back to normal. Things like…

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