Parthenon Management Group (PMG) recognizes the importance of incorporating sustainability into our business model and our partnerships. This year, PMG created a Sustainability Task Force to lead the efforts in minimizing our carbon footprint both in the office and at the meetings we execute. It is the mission of the task force to prioritize and communicate our sustainability initiatives.

Jessica Nickerson, Parthenon Management Group

Blog By Jessica (Mathews) Nickerson
Senior Meetings Manager

While creating the mission of our Sustainability Task Force, we first created a list of priorities. This list includes things like expanding our RFP process to incorporate sustainability questions, giving priority consideration to LEED certified venues while sourcing, and encouraging the implementation of new sustainability efforts for our onsite meetings (when we are able to return to them).

Some of the things we have implemented in the past or will implement in the future at our onsite meetings are:


PMG has partnered with South Pole and our aim is to have 100% carbon neutral meetings. We work in partnership with South Pole to calculate the average carbon footprint created by each attendee and encourage our clients to build the cost into registration, donate the amount for each attendee or split the cost 50/50 between attendees and the organization. At the conclusion of the event, the organization will donate to a partner of South Pole to offset the carbon footprint left. You can read more about South Pole and their partnerships here.


  • Move your client to a digital program book.
  • Put QR codes on name badges for seamless networking.
  • Move the evaluation and CE requirements online.
  • Host an e-Poster gallery to minimize paper handouts at conferences and make it viewable to conference attendees beyond the in-person meeting.


  • Purchase recycled name badge stock.
  • Put out bowls to recycle name badge holders and lanyards.
  • At meals, put bowls for people to re-use unwanted individually wrapped food items. Attendees who want extra can grab them and leftovers can be donated.
  • Partner with your venue to make sure recycling bins are noticeable throughout the venue.
  • Always put out rolled silver and proper mugs on F&B sets.

Within our office space, we are encouraging personal responsibility and accountability for green choices. We have transitioned from using paper goods to reusable dining ware for staff use. The staff attended a “green” training session to learn about new sustainability efforts in the office and at meetings. When our offices open again, we are excited to implement composting along with the recycling measures we have already established.

PMG has a flourishing Work from Home Policy that has expanded under COVID-19. Employees are tiered based on longevity at the company for the number of days they can work from home. Desk sharing has also been established. By transitioning to this model, not only has it minimized paper use and reduced the use of water and electricity, but it has increased employee morale and confidence amongst employees and leadership.

Our sustainability efforts at PMG are just beginning. We will continue to integrate new measures, partner with like-minded organizations and venues, and make a conscious effort to stay up to date on emerging opportunities. Be sure to view our Going Green flyer that we use at meetings as well as our Work from Home Sustainability Tips.

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