By Chelsea McClain with Elizabeth Pulliam

Culture Index helps business leaders use “analytics instead of instincts” to grow and improve their teams.

We started using Culture Index in 2021 in several ways. First, we use it to assess potential candidates. It is the first step in our hiring process. We do not use it to preclude anyone, but as a way to best match candidates with open positions. We look at people’s “DNA,” or traits that they have demonstrated since their youth (typically established between ages 8-12). We match these traits to our company DNA and look for the best matches within our open positions. We value DNA matches over education and experience. DNA you cannot teach, the others you can.

In the Culture Index survey, potential candidates are assessed on how they communicate, problem-solve, their work pace, and where they might alter their natural traits to adjust for their role. Altering traits can lead to burnout, so we pay close attention to what their results say about how much they might have to do that for the position they are applying for.

We also use the Culture Index results to help work teams within PMG to understand how to best communicate. For example, is someone a driver or do they prefer to work as a team? Are they task-oriented or project-oriented? Do they work at a quick pace or are they process-oriented? Are they extremely detail-oriented and an avid rule-follower or do they prefer loose rules? Someone who likes to talk their problems out with others might misinterpret someone who needs to think things through before they talk it out. We have found the information that Culture Index provides in this area to be invaluable, as we tend to work in small, close-knit teams for our clients. We have discovered that teaching our team members more about themselves and their co-workers has made us more efficient and improved our overall company culture.

Lastly, we reassess our team members every six month and use the assessment results to monitor burnout. We look at the results to determine if someone is overwhelmed or if they are potentially underutilized. The survey results often tell us more than the employee will, so it is an excellent tool that really helps us mitigate burnout before it is too late.

Culture Index has really helped us make better hiring decisions, work together more harmoniously, and address burnout early, which, in turn, has made our company stronger, more efficient, and saved us money. We are grateful for tools like this to help us help our clients.

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