From activism about social and environmental issues to Tiktok, the culture of Generation Z (or Gen Z) is elusive to many adults. As Gen Z becomes older, they are starting to enter the job market. Making up 32% of the global population (LinkedIn), they will soon make up a large portion of the workforce. In anticipating for this, organizations need to understand what these so called “Zoomers” are looking for in a job. 

Estelle Bah, Parthenon Management Group

Blog By Estelle Bah
PMG Intern

More So than previous generations, Gen Z-ers want to work in companies whose values align with their own (Forbes). To attract Gen Z-ers, companies need to have up to date technology, a powerful online presence, and offer secure and stable jobs. Gen Z-ers thrive off of healthy competition, so they appreciate feedback and recognition. Most importantly, Gen Z-ers are open minded. 70% of them believe gender neutral bathrooms should be available in public spaces. To appeal to this aspect, companies should highlight their efforts in diversity and inclusion, sustainability, and volunteering (LinkedIn). Gen Z prefer jobs in mission driven companies, where their daily responsibilities make an impact. The best place to reach Gen Z is on college campuses (Yello). More than Millenials, Zoomers find hiring and career center events to be helpful. 

We have discussed how to attract Gen Z-ers, but to retain Gen Z-ers companies should invest in their careers and offer opportunities for professional development. They also “crave more” face to face interaction (Forbes), which has no doubt been exasperated by the lack of in person interaction during the pandemic. Gen Z lists the top 3 considerations for a job (in order of importance) as salary, work-life balance, and job duties and projects (Yello).

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