Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit. – Aristotle

The above quote from Aristotle is on the wall in our office. Every day we see that quote, and every day we are reminded of the challenge it represents. We hold ourselves to a high standard of performance at PMG, but striving to achieve that standard is why we excel at what we do. As a result, we get the immense pleasure of watching the societies we manage grow and prosper, knowing that we played a part in that success. We, as a company, are only able to achieve excellence because we have excellent people. I have never worked with a group of people as competent, as invested in success and as much fun as the team I get to work with here every day. This became even more evident to me a few weeks ago as we compiled our client evaluation feedback.

Each year, we send a twenty question evaluation to all board members of the organizations we manage. The questions ask board members to offer feedback on PMG services. Questions relate to staff’s knowledge of the organization, performance of the Project Manager, customer service offered, meeting planning services and areas on which the society should focus in the future. The questions are answered on a Likert scale of ‘excellent’ to ‘poor’ and ‘strongly agree to ‘disagree.’ We gauge our success with clients on this feedback. We consider an answer of either of the top rankings (excellent/good and strongly agree/agree) to mean we are meeting our standard. I am proud to report this year that of the 54 responding board members we received these top marks from all but one board member, and that individual rated us “marginal” on only one question. Though the survey is anonymous, I am determined to find and please this one member so that next year we can have perfect ratings!

This feedback is a testament to our culture here at PMG. We accept no less than excellence from ourselves. Below are a few quotes we received in the comments section of our evaluation.

They are incredibly responsive and offer creative, balanced solutions to problems. They guide us in many ways and have been critical to the success of the organization.

Their interpersonal communication skills are unparalleled.

I have worked with PMG through two organizations. I think that PMG personnel are some of the most organized and respectful people I have ever worked with. I wish every organization worked this way. You have a great group. There has been a major difference after brining PMG on. I could not say enough positive accolades.

We have only recently been using your services, but already I have seen significant improvement in the registration and organization of our biennial meeting. You have also done an outstanding job helping with our fundraising for the meeting. Also of note is the vast improvement in our web site. Thank you!

PMG offers the flexibility to have staff with different expertise help and consult when needed. PMG offers excellent staff and suggestions to help our organization improve and function better.

Our team at PMG has demonstrated proficiency with our society’s organization and governance; budgeting and finance; grant proposals; meeting facilities planning and negotiations; meeting scheduling and participant services & support. They provide reliable, timely support services to our Board, Executive Committee and other Board committees. With their assistance over the past 2 years, our organization has moved into modest solvency, which is a welcome improvement. Every member of our PMG team has been unfailingly professional and helpful, with a positive, can-do” attitude; it has been a pleasure to work with them! Our team always seems willing to take a plan and execute it, and to initiate suggestions, based on their other society management experience, that have been quite helpful. Their creation of a mobile phone “app” was very well received and appreciated!

Excellence is an art, won by training and habituation. At PMG, we are as we repeatedly do and I am immensely proud to call that excellent.

– Sarah Timm, CEO