This week on our “Interview With an Intern” series, we talked to Estelle Bah, an Marketing intern from Ridgefield, CT. She’s pursuing Medicine, Health, and Society + Spanish Majors with a Business minor, and when she graduates, her goal is to be a lawyer. We asked her all about her internship & what it’s like to work at PMG — keep reading for the inside scoop!

How long have you been with PMG? 2 years this month! 

What’s your favorite thing about PMG Company Culture? My favorite thing about PMG is the people. I have always said this but PMG has a gift of drawing in the most committed and high achieving individuals. Every one of my colleagues has valuable skills or knowledge I can benefit from learning.

What’s the most valuable skill/thing you’ve learned while interning at PMG? I grew up with PMG. I had just turned 18 when I got the job and after 2 years I can honestly say PMG has taught me to be an adult. They never overwhelmed me but they never babied me either. I learned how to manage my time better, how to write professional emails, became Microsoft office proficient and much more.

If you had to describe PMG in three words, what would they be? Open, Intelligent, Fun

What would you say to someone thinking about applying for a PMG internship? Whether project management is something you are interested in or not, PMG has a lot to teach you. The goal of an internship is to prepare you for a job, and I feel more than prepared 🙂

We are so thankful for Estelle and the difference she has made here at PMG!

Interested in making a difference with a PMG internship?