This week on our “Interview With an Intern” series, we talked to Kate Yaughn, a marketing intern from Statesboro, GA. She’s a sophomore at Mercer University with a Marketing major and a minor in Technical Communications. We asked her all about her internship & what it’s like to work at PMG — keep reading for the inside scoop!

How long have you been with PMG? 3 months

What’s your favorite thing about PMG Company Culture? PMG truly cares about their employees and interns! We are given all the tools and resources needed to efficiently complete our job duties. Leadership is kind and caring while also strong and courageous. I love our company culture because I feel valued and like my work is truly making a difference!

What’s the most valuable skill/thing you’ve learned while interning at PMG? The most valuable thing I’ve learned at PMG is to ask questions & not be afraid to speak up. At PMG, even interns are encouraged to share thoughts and opinions and ask about the why behind certain things. This has improved my skills in so many areas!

If you had to describe PMG in three words, what would they be? Innovative, impactful, & meaningful.

What would you say to someone thinking about applying for a PMG internship? Do it! 100%! I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into when I applied — I had no idea what association management even was. But my PMG internship has taught me so much about association management, marketing, and how to work as a team. Anyone would be lucky to have this amazing experience!

We are so thankful to have Kate as a part of our team here at PMG!

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