Volunteers are one of the greatest assets of a nonprofit organization because they serve as leaders who guide the organization to achieve the overall mission.

Christine Sharp, Parthenon Management Group

Blog By Christine Sharp
Senior Project Manager

One of our clients recognized that developing their volunteers’ leadership skills would only help the organization to realize their goals more efficiently and effectively.

They made the commitment to this initiative by including it in their strategic plan, and volunteers and staff have worked together to develop an annual program that correlates to that goal. In the two leadership development sessions that are conducted annually, experts are brought in to coach the volunteers in the areas of leadership, communication, strategic planning, and association management. Volunteers have responded very favorably to this training, and believe it helps them to be the very best they can be in their volunteer roles.

The association is now in the process of developing a 360-evaluation process for committee chairs and board members whereby they are evaluated by each other and the committee members who work with them.  Leaders are then able to incorporate the advice to improve their roles.

Not only does the nonprofit benefit from developing their leaders, but your volunteers are even more dedicated to the organization because they are able to take those skills back into their professional environment and further advance their career.

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