PMG’s mission is to help our clients to achieve theirs. One way we ensure our mission is being achieved is to send an annual survey to each of our twelve association management clients and four meetings management clients. This survey not only evaluates our staff and looks for areas where each individual can grow professionally, but it also allows us to look at each of our clients to see how we can do a better job managing the society in order to carry out our mission.

Lindsay Snyder
Senior Project Leader

Each year, PMG sends an anonymous survey to the governing bodies of each client that includes both quantitative questions that allows us to benchmark our success each year and qualitative questions that provides us with candid feedback on how we can continue to improve and provide value to our clients. Here are the top five reasons why client feedback matters:

  1. Feedback helps improve our services. At PMG’s core, our staff provides a service to our clients. Many of our clients have goals that include expanding education and advocacy initiatives or growing member engagement, and this feedback allows us to reassess our strategic thinking for each client to help achieve them. If there is a trend in their respective industry that should be an area of focus in the incoming year, we want to know so can begin to implement ways to incorporate this into our services.
  2. Feedback allows us to measure client satisfaction. We want to improve our client satisfaction each year, and the only way to accurately measure this facet of our business is to ask our clients! We want to know it all, including any challenges that our clients may face in the incoming years. Understanding not only how our performance fares but how they view their respective industries in the future allows us to be better partners.
  3. Feedback increases client retention. If there are any concerns or issues with a particular client, feedback allows us to be at the forefront of understanding the problem and providing proactive solutions. We take pride in remaining the association management provider for our clients each year, and we strive to grow our current clients organically to help them reach their maximum potential in all areas of their business.
  4. Feedback assists in business decisions. We cannot expect to grow our business if we are unable to meet our current clients’ needs. Feedback provided from our clients helps us create our strategic plan, as well as find areas of focus or growth for PMG.
  5. Feedback helps our clients feel involved. Our staff aren’t just operators of the clients they manage, they immerse themselves in the organization and see themselves as stakeholders. We like to think of our services as a partnership, and feedback helps our clients think so, too.

PMG is fortunate in receiving a 100% client satisfaction rate on how our clients were managed in 2017. However, this is far from meaning our mission has been accomplished. We strive to provide excellent service to each client continually, so maintaining this level of satisfaction means not only taking an individualized approach to each society by growing each staff member professionally, but also focusing on the candid feedback provided by each client to uniquely define how each society can evolve.