By Laura Miller with Kate Yaughn

Many times, associations handle their large grants internally, but often, this is not the most cost- or time- effective solution to large grants management. Instead, the cost of an outside professional management company can be immensely beneficial in the long run. So why should you choose to use a professional management company to manage your large grants?

  1. Many projects funded by grants are housed in institutions of higher education, which tend to be less nimble in hiring staff. On the other hand, professional management companies offer the flexibility to add or transition staff as the workflow and timelines require.
  2. Within institutions of higher education, there are many extremely impressive subject matter experts. Our support to staff and faculty allows these experts to stay focused on the science while we offer proficiency with project management responsibilities such as timelines, team communication, event planning, website content, and other tasks.
  3. Funders have various reporting expectations which can be extremely time and resource intensive; clients may not have the in-house expertise and bandwidth available to fulfill these requirements.

While there are a multitude of other reasons to choose to use a professional management company, these three encapsulate the core of the issue — many institutions simply don’t have the resources to properly handle large grants. Professional management companies, on the other hand, have staff that specialize in large grants management. These companies not only take your grants to the next level and take a load off of your back, but they also help do the work necessary to ensure that your grant is in the best position possible to continue to receive funding.

Looking for a professional management company to manage your large grants?