Are you two months into your summer break with nothing to show for it? 3 months of summer seems like a distant dream until it becomes a boring reality. Don’t worry, PMG has a few things you can do to make these last few weeks productive.

Everyone is always telling you to learn a new skill to add to your resume, so here are a few easy ones!

  • Learn basic coding! Websites like, FreeCodeCamp, or Khan Academy are great places to learn to code for free on your own schedule.
  • Pick up a new language! Download an app like DuoLingo where you can become conversationally fluent in just about any language.
  • Network! Reach out to old bosses, professors, or even alumni. PMG has a whole article with tips on how to network and what it can do for you.

Need more options for your last months of summer?

Any way you choose to spend your last weeks of summer, make sure it is worthwhile. Still want to take time to breathe before another semester? Then choose just one skill or one course to complete. If you feel you’ve wasted your summer, it is not too late! Pick a few skills and add a new certification or two to your resume.