Like many initiatives that move people out of their comfort zones, integrating sustainability efforts at PMG is a gradual but continual process. We started with a fairly standard recycling program for paper, plastic, and cardboard used in the office (although some enterprising colleagues contributed their home recycling too!) That was the “easy part.”

As we looked more critically into the amount of waste our office was generating, we realized that the kitchen was a significant component. Our culture is for relatively short breaks and meals without leaving the office, and in the name of convenience, we were relying on disposable plates, bowls, and cutlery. We had to change our paradigm and make a commitment to sustainable kitchen ware. There were some growing pains as we broke our bad habits, but the reduction in waste has been gratifying.

We then applied the same principles to our conferences, partnering with hotels and catering vendors to focus on sustainable supplies and reduction in food waste. We challenged ourselves to rethink the way we were providing information to our conference attendees, creating custom apps and modules so that paper was no longer necessary. As you will read in a future blog, we’re evolving even further in our quest to make our meetings more sustainable.

We also look at our sustainability efforts as a team building opportunity. For example, PMG typically offers several community service events each year, led by our team members with a personal interest in a cause or organization. With the increased commitment to sustainability in our office, we’ve incorporated service programs such as a river clean up or an upcoming tree planting day. Our group has a fantastic time getting together in our beautiful community to keep our spaces clean and healthy for all.

Those are some of the ways that PMG Goes Green! We look forward to sharing future initiatives, as we strive to honor our commitment to sustainability.