The International Marcé Society for Perinatal Mental Health is an international scientific association whose mission is to advance the understanding, prevention and treatment of psychiatric disorders and mental health related to childbearing. Members of the Society include psychiatrists, psychologists, pediatricians, obstetricians, scientists, academics, midwives, nurses, therapists, and social workers, among others, in over twenty-five countries. To respond at a global level to members with such a broad range of backgrounds across language, cultural, and scientific barriers is a challenge that the Society has been striving to meet for over thirty years.

The structure that the Marcé Society has developed is called Regional Groups. A Regional Group is essentially a branch/chapter of International Marcé Society which works toward the same goals within a more manageable and cohesive area. Regional Groups provide the opportunity for members to collaborate, share information, and build relationships with colleagues who are closer geographically or who share a common language.

RegionalGroupMapRegional Group members enjoy all the benefits of membership in the International Society, as well as advantages of their individual group, such as specialized listservs or priority at regional conferences. Members may join the group that best fits their language preference or current location or may join the International Society without selecting a Regional Group.

Logistically, Regional Groups are given the option to have their membership and other administrative tasks handled by the International Executive Office serviced by Parthenon Management Group, or to manage their groups autonomously. The membership reimbursement structure differs depending on the level of support provided by the Executive Office. This gives groups flexibility based on their access to banking and secure credit card processing, ability to create and manage websites, and interest and availability in administrative functions.

The ability to create groups which are closely aligned geographically or by language, but which also work to mutually support the goals of the International Society and to share knowledge, resources, and advocacy, has contributed to the ongoing success of the Society. Parthenon Management Group looks forward to continuing our relationship with Marcé to support mothers, children, and their families across the globe.