by Kate Yaughn

Generation Z is the first “digital native” generation in history. This means that they are fluent in the online world and are aware of social media pressures, trends, and presences. With this in mind, it is now more important than ever to know where to find your association’s Gen-Z audience. But not everyone knows just how important having a connection with Generation Z is. If you’re not convinced, keep reading to find out just who Generation Z is, how you can reach them as part of your audience, and where you can find Gen-Z in this digital day and age.  

Who is a Gen-Z Audience?

Pew Research loosely defines Generation Z as anyone born between 1997 and 2012. This means that in 2022, a Gen-Z audience ranges anywhere from 9-24 years old These are your early career professionals. Keep in mind that the first iPhone came out in 2007, when the oldest Gen-Z members were only 10 years old. This early introduction of modern technology has had a huge impact on the lives of Generation Z. Because Generation-Z has had technology as a part of their lives from their formative years, they are much more likely than other generations to turn to technology for their needs. Whether it be comparing products, research, current events, or something else, Gen-Z is fluent in social media and google, and they will often turn to those resources before they consult a book or another real life person on an issue.

How do I reach a Gen-Z Audience?

Since Generation-Z is so highly involved with the online world, the best place to get your association’s name in front of them is through a digital platform. Gen-Z tends to make their decisions about what, where, and why they’re purchasing an item or service based on other online users’ opinions, specific details provided in online descriptions, and videos and photos included in the listing for the item or service. Because Gen-Z is so heavily involved in digital platforms and purchasing, your association has to go to them. This will create a sense of familiarity and trust, something that has a large influence on the decision making of Generation-Z.

Now that I’m convinced I need to find Gen-Z . . . where the heck can I find them?

In 2021, Snapchat was the leading platform for Gen-Z, with over 40 million active users. TikTok, which has been growing rapidly, came in at a solid 37.3 million active users, up from 29.5 million in 2020. Next is Instagram with 33.3 million active users, followed closely by Facebook’s 28.7 million active users. Pinterest, Twitter, and Reddit all fall under 20 million active Gen-Z users. Out of all of these platforms, TikTok shows the most promise for the coming years, with a projected growth of 15 million active Gen-Z users by 2025, more than any other social media platform. This means that TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram are the best way to reach a Generation-Z audience. Try jumping on a TikTok trend, posting an Instagram reel, or creating an Ad to go in the Snapchat stories feed.

Ready to reach your Gen-Z audience and take your association to the next level?