By Elizabeth Pulliam with Kate Yaughn

PMG is always looking for excellent professionals to join our team! Do you want to find out if you’d be a good fit? While our team is very diverse, there are some traits that we tend to see in our grants department . . .

Autonomy – All are very team and service oriented, tend to like checklists and clear direction, enjoy collaboration and harmony. 

Social – Most are analytical and like facts and data, introspective, like research, good with processes, deductive thinkers, tactile with good memory.

Pace/Patience – This trait varies the most. Most like consistency and a stable environment with some change, but work quickly. They like to follow procedure and are not risk takers. They are methodical in how they approach things. 

Detailed-orientation and conformity – They are all detail-oriented and like rules and structure. 

Deadlines are important and knowledge is power.

Natural perfectionists with good memories and a strong sense of right and wrong.

They like clarity and schedules.

They are all very logical and like processes.

Most importantly, they have a strong sense of serving and find meaning in the public health initiatives that these grants fund and find joy in working with the underserved populations that many of these programs support.

Do some of these sound like you? You should take our Culture Index survey! 

But what if these traits don’t really sound like things you enjoy? That’s okay too! We are looking to grow in more areas than just grants management — association management, meetings management, and more. You should take the Culture Index survey!

Ready to find out where at PMG you would be a good fit?