by Kate Yaughn

When I say I’m an intern, many people think I’m a glorified doordasher, just picking up coffee for the office while everyone else does the “real” work. But at PMG, I do so much more than grab coffee or refill staplers — I’ve had multiple opportunities to work hands-on with projects and tasks that directly impact important associations. 

I’m a marketing major with a minor in technical communications, so I knew right away that a marketing internship at PMG would be a step in the right direction, but I didn’t know just how perfect it would be. Day-in and day-out I prepare social media posts and blog posts, make changes to websites, and work on graphic design pieces. In addition to this, though, I always have some larger, more in-depth tasks in the works. These projects allow me to learn new skills that aren’t taught in the classroom. I’ve worked on data management, SEO, executive summaries, and a handful of other tasks that are pertinent to my career as a marketer.

Through my internship with PMG, I have learned the power of working as a team and the value of phenomenal company culture. PMG leadership takes the time to understand how I work best, and they equip me with the tools and resources necessary to function at my highest and best capacity. I’m so thankful for this internship, my coworkers, leaders, and all of the wonderful folks at PMG!

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