By Ally Jevens and Chelsea McClain

When I think of homecoming, I think of the gathering of friends celebrating a common connection, and PMG’s homecoming was just that!

After a year and 8 months of pandemic conditions, PMG held a homecoming for the first time ever in November, and it was just what you would imagine it to be. Many of our employees had never met as they joined PMG during the pandemic, or they work remotely and do not come into the office on a regular basis. This homecoming functioned as a way to meet new employees, celebrate the re-opening of the office, and promote our company culture and values.

Throughout the week, PMG hosted events curated to encourage connection between colleagues and to have some fun. Each day included a theme that was designed to bring levity into the office.

Monday’s theme was dressing up in fancy clothes. Brad and his dog both wore bowties to the office. A few people wore crowns. Many people dressed in evening wear. There was also a baked goods competition with three winners. Not sure how the judges were selected, but next year I plan to pass some cash to whomever is in charge!

Tuesday’s theme was (office appropriate) pajamas. PMG also hired a massage therapist for the in-office personnel. (I wasn’t there, but I am going to bet that there were more people in the office than usual that day.)

Wednesday was “Wear Your Workout Gear” day! A group walk and a meditation/yoga session were on the schedule.

Thursday was the main event! Most of our out-of-town and out-of-state employees were in attendance. So many hugs (but with masks!) We started with a potluck meal of the most delicious food. It was wonderful to chat with people we had not seen in a while, and even some we had never seen in person, due to being hired during COVID.

The afternoon held fantastic speakers including Ronnie Wilkins, Director of Business Development, who taught us the history of PMG. Sarah Timm, President and CEO, who gave us a State of PMG address. Lonnie Mayne from Red Shoes Living talked about igniting human potential that dovetailed perfectly with PMG’s Core Values and internal initiatives.

Finally, Matt White, from Culture Index, took us through a fascinating journey of our inherent and job behavior traits, how they work for/against us, how we work with others, and how PMG can use this information to make sure everyone is in the right seat on the bus.

Thursday evening, we carpooled to downtown Nashville for fun at Pins Mechanical. Drinks, food, and games were had by all.

On Friday the theme was “Dress Up as Your Favorite Fearless Icon,” since fearlessness is one of our company DNA traits. The afternoon party was downstairs in the conference room. What happened in the conference room, stays in the conference room.

This was a really fun and special experience that recharged and reconnected our teammates to each other and the PMG mission and values. We look forward to making this an annual tradition!