By Elizabeth Wasternack and Amy Black with Kate Yaughn

The last blog in our non-dues revenue streams series is about one of the most popular types of non-dues revenue streams: publications!

Do you have a newsletter with high circulation numbers or a newsletter which targets a specific group of people? Consider offering advertising space in your newsletter. Plenty of companies will be happy to get their ads in front of the eyes of the demographic they are pursuing.

How to get started:

Create a basic media kit, which is a document highlighting the impact your newsletter makes. You can do this by including its circulation, a description of the audience to which the newsletter reaches and its open rate (if sent out digitally).

The media kit should also illustrate the various options for ad placement within the newsletter, size specs and pricing.

Another great way to expand your message and value is to offer a magazine or professional journal. These can be available in print, or digital only. Consider a magazine site that is branded and allows even more opportunity for content delivery and advertising.

How to get started:

Consider the feasibility of producing your own magazine, or research media partners to publish and sell/manage the ads. Working with a partner will allow you to control content while minimizing the administrative/overhead of the magazine.